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Solevit BMVC

Solevit BMVC
Витаминно-минеральные рецепты для КРС уровня ПРЕМИУМ содержат максимальный набор витаминов, микроэлементов и значительную добавку макроэлементов

«Solevit BMVC» is used for calves older than 6 months and cows (delivery 30 - 130 gr. per animal a day).

Advantages: «A powerful means to increase the productivity» 

Formula contains vitamins A, D, E, Н (biotin) necessary for maximum growth and productivity and serves for faster fattening weight gain and maximum milk yield appearing because of feed urea in recipe (nitrogen contained in daily intake diet of mature animal is equivalent to additional consumption of 115 gr. of raw protein or 400 gr. of oilcake). Ammonium hydrate contained in this saltlick is necessary for micro flora development and is assimilated fastly in cicatrix. The complex contains necessary set of microelements and major mineral elements, including montmorillonite (red clay of Beya  field, positively affecting  digestion system).  Brimstone, magnesium and calcium serve as the basic constructing materials for many systems of organism and for the milk synthesis. This saltlick increases daily weight gain up to 25-40% compared to other forage without premix and brings milk yield increase of 10-25%. This happens due to better forage assimilation and faster feeding of dam cicatrix micro flora. Advanced iodine and selenium concentration positively affects metabolism and empowers health of dam and offspring as well as prevent diseases.

Application: Feeding briquette should be placed close to animal; fresh water needs to be provided. 

Storing: Keep in a cool and dry place for 2 years.

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