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    Why to use Solevit? 

    Supplementary feeds in ration of farm livestock are used to enhance economic efficiency of business. Decision on using Solevit complexes in livestock farming requires prior estimation of the following invested assets:

    • Cost of farm livestock folds 
    • Cost of farm equipment 
    • Cost of forage stocks 
    • Cost of forage equipment purchase and maintenance 
    • Cost of production animals purchase and renewal
    • Cost of forage feedstock (which are not always best in quality)
    • Veterinary handling

    This is not the ultimate cost list of a livestock breeder farm which, depending on its scale, can be estimated from hundreds of thousands to tens and hundreds of millions of rubles. Meanwhile, compared to these outstanding figures, Solevit costs are almost negligible, but its usage can give economic effects largely overcoming the inputs.  

    Challenges of livestock farming:

    • Improve efficiency
    • Deal with the competition
    • Enter foreign markets

    Solevit Company is engaged in overcoming these challenges by implementing the supplementary feeds.  

    The basics of animal breeding productivity underlie in quality of forage and its nutritional property. Briquette complexes and energetic additive agents of Solevit will help you to raise forage efficiency by 15-35%. These figures are proved by various zootechnic experiments. 

    Solevit is equal to efficiency 


    Meat productivity increase is one of best estimated Solevit usage effects, proved by every zootechnic experiment. The relevant recipe application shows significant results both in case of cheap pasture farming recipes and in case of Profi series with maximum content of micronutrients and major minerals, 3 and more vitamin groups, protein and carbohydrate additives. 

    The reason for such increase in productivity is about ruminant animals’ digestion, which includes abundant microbial background. Components of briquette complexes are designed to assist those microbial processes by boosting the micro flora development, which consumes hard to digest cellular tissue and produces additional microbial protein (up to 40 gr. by small cattle and up to 200 gr. by great cattle). This additional protein can be easily assimilated and gives weight increment and extra milk yield. The research states that every ruble invested to buy the briquette complex produces 4-6 rubles profit by live weight gain and 3-5 rubles by milk yield. 


    Many factors influence immunity and health of animals, such may include: the efforts of veterinary and zootechnic service; atmosphere and floor of accommodation structures, interior trim materials. 

    Solevit production may be of great use here. For example, we have recipes for young growth subject to such diseases as: 

    • white-muscle disease (metabolic disorders); 
    • scours (if low quality forage is used);
    • frequent morbidity (weak immunity);
    • viral lung diseases;

    And for the mature stock subject to such diseases as: 

    • limp (hooves’ adynamia, panaritium);
    • appetite disorders (licking; soil, fence, whitewash, rubber mat, hose eating);
    • dystocia; 
    • post-parturient complication (endometritis, heam, weed of cows);
    • yeldness; 


    Solevit created separate recipes to increase sheep and goat wool production. With briquetted salt based complex they best provide necessary major mineral elements and microelements to the animals.  It assures maximizing natural wool productivity up to 20-30% increase.  

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